Gateway Error in loraserver

Hi All,

I am Using
Loraserver Version: 2.8.2
Lora-gateway-bridge Version: 2.7.1
Chirpstack-app-server Version: 3.13.2
Lora stack version : 1.0.5
While sending data from concentrator to server I am getting below logs on loraserver side.

Dec 17 16:51:10 arm loraserver[4008]: time=“2020-12-17T16:51:10+05:30” level=info msg=“gateway/mqtt: uplink frame received”
Dec 17 16:51:11 arm loraserver[4008]: time=“2020-12-17T16:51:11+05:30” level=error msg=“get gateway error” error=“get gateway error: object does not exist” gateway_id=0016c001ff1035ac

The most immediate thing I would investigate is whether the gateway is registered. Newer versions drop traffic from unregistered gateways.

Beyond that, your versions are crazy old, and you shouldn’t be mixing such a new app server with such an old network server. I would get everything up to date.

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