Gateway falsely marked as inactive due to stat interval

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I set up a stat interval of 60s for my gateways (in order to spare data on my data plan). I’m using the semtech packet forwarder, sending data to the gateway bridge installed on the gateway.

In the dashboard, 40s after the last stat packet (I think it was made to wait for 2 standards 20s intervals), the gateway is marked as “inactive”, which is, in my case, wrong. It is back 20 seconds later, after the next stat packet.

Is there a way to change this “inactivity check interval”?

After reviewing the source code, I found that there was a difference in behavior between markers and color in the donut chart for gateways.

The markers become red after 5 minutes of inactivity (and for me, 5 min is a good timing):

if (item.getLastSeenAt() !== undefined) {
  let ts = moment(item.getLastSeenAt()!.toDate());
  lastSeen = ts.fromNow();
  if (ts.isBefore(moment().subtract(5, "minutes"))) {
    color = "red";
  } else {
    color = "green";

This leads to this kind of discrepency:

@brocaar should I open an issue on Github?

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It would be nice if this was configurable, similar to device expected activity.


Thanks! Yes, please do :slight_smile:

Done: Gateway activity is not consistent on the dashboard · Issue #76 · chirpstack/chirpstack · GitHub

This was fixed and will be included in the next release :slight_smile:


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