Gateway Frames Stopped After Upgrading Latest Release


I was going through my gateway details today and I noticed that both gateways were counting frames (up/down). That is until I upgraded my LoRaServer/AppServer to the latest release. I should note that things still seem like they are working. I am seeing my devices still as expected. This post is more of a curiosity about the flat line.

Newest Gateway

Oldest Gateway

Do you still see live frames coming in on the appropriate tab for that gateway? Strictly speaking, gateways do not need to be registered (correctly or at all), as long as they publish to MQTT appropriately.

Yes I am seeing the LoRa Frames coming in under the tab. I guess I was concerned when I saw that it’s flat lining on the gateway details page. For what it’s worth everything is working more or less. Just though being able to see how many frames are going in/out was a good metric to have.

Have you seen the release notes from the last “LoRa Server / LoRa App Server” releases? What have changed is that the gateway stats are no longer stored in the Network Server database but are forwarded to the Application Server where these are stored.

It sounds like you upgraded only one component so either:

  • the NS is upgraded and is forwarding them, but the AS has not been updated so it doesn’t handle these
  • the AS has been upgraded and it imported the GW stats from the NS, but the NS does not forward the GW stats

Two things to check:

  1. Which versions are installed
  2. Are there any errors in the logs
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