Gateway goes Inactive after 5 minutes

Hello all,

I have a Rak2245 Pi Hat Gateway configured with ChirpStack, using US915 and 6 LoRa E5 devices connected to the server. I am new to this. I am able to join the server and send uplink messages from each device. However, the gateway disconnects and goes inactive after a couple of minutes (in the dashboard also appears inactive), so then I cannot send any more data. The Rak2245 is connected to a power over ethernet cable and is always on. I want the gateway to always be active as long as it is connected to the ethernet. I have to restart the concentratord and the gateway bridge for it to come back and be active, but I want it to always be active and not restart it every couple of minutes.
What could be the problem? Is there something I need to change in the gateway configuration file?

Thank you!

Has anyone experienced this issue as well?