Gateway ID format

Hi, adding gateway to loraserver UI. On Gateways, I have added, but where it is asking for the gateway ID I thought it was the MAC it is looking for and I input the MAC (FC:C2:3D:0A:94:73), however I get the error ‘Please match the requested Format’. it is looking for 16 digits I now believe. I have tried HEX but did not work. Can anyone help me in what i should input here?

Thank you.

These are 64-bit (16) digit identifiers that practically originate from the configuration file of the packet forwarder on the gateway, and not necessarily from any unique hardware ID at all, though you could make a usable number by prepending or appending an Ethernet MAC with a meaningful-to-you rule.

If you subscribe to the gateway/# MQTT feed you will see them in the topics and again in the body.

Perhaps it wants them to be lowercase?

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Thank you cstratton, I now have the ID. Much apperciated.