Gateway ID: not configured

I have a raspi 4 with a rak831 shield where I have installed the chirpstack-gateway-os-full. I need to assemble an all in one.

I have configured the gateway and connected

But Gateway ID is “not configured”??


It means that the Concentratord hasn’t been configured properly / did not (yet) start successfully, thus the Gateway ID could not be retrieved. Please check the log files for information why the Concentratord could not (yet) start.


I am a new user of chirpstack server and raspberry pi.

I am in same problem Gateway ID: not configured

I am using Raspberry Pi3, chirpstack-gateway-os-full Can you please help me to solve this problem.

Log files are attached:

sudo monit summary

It means the concentrator shield hasn’t been (properly) configured and therefore the Concentratord daemon fails to start.