Gateway is never seen (iC880A concentrator board + Pi3)

We’ve followed the documentation, and have installed all components of the chirpstack server EXCEPT the packet forwarder, on the gateway itself. We’ve also added network server, gateway profile, service profile, device profile and application, in the chirpstack user interface (localhost:8080). However the gateway never showed up, it says ‘never seen’.

We’re using IMST iC880A concentrator board + Pi 3 as our gateway.

Any little help is highly appreciated.

packet forwarder,it is one of the vital components for the gateway without it cannot work

I recommend chirpstack os because it is already complete with everything
if you have problems with packet forwarder is due to the failure to reset the concentrator is a problem that I encountered with this card

you have to do it manually concentrator rest wire on + for 2 seconds and then connect it to the least arduino so do a manual reset of the concentrator wait a few minutes and then everything works

Thanks for your response @ABInformatica. I’ve used gateway OS this time. Reset control has been set by running a script, and I could see that the packet-forwarder is initialized and is being monitored (monit command). However I’m facing the following issues:

Gateway is last seen 10 days ago. But there’s a catch to it, when I verified the date of the gateway, its a wrong date, infact its backdated by 10 days. This makes me feel that the gateway is connected now, but its just that the date of my gateway is to be corrected. Am I right?

I’ve made attempts to correct the date of the gateway (RPi3), but none of those commands are working on the gateway OS. This is primarily because ChirpStack OS is not supporting those commands. Is there any way out?

ChirpStack OS does not support many commands. however I have never changed the date even on my gateway it is wrong and has always worked without problems. from what I’ve seen the date syncs automatically. if you send messages it should update the gateway page and start from 0 to count the days do a test

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Okay. Whether this problem is because of using gateway OS? I mean, would this problem persist incase all components are installed individually, instead of using gateway OS?