Gateway is online but not receiving any frames

Hi, I am running Chirpstack V4 on the same gateway. The gateway was receiving frames as usual, but somehow it stopped receiving after 14:41pm on 24th May 2024. The thing is I can see the gateway is online. The same hardware setup and config is used in the other production gateways but this is the first time we encountered this issue. Refer images below for details and do let me know if you need anything else. Thanks in advance for any assistance:

Gateway online:

Last received frames:

Chirpstack logs grep as923/gateway:

CS Gateway Bridge logs grep as923/gateway:

sudo tcpdump -AUq -i lo port 1700:

Check the config of your LoRaWAN gateway.
Make sure it uses as923 (920-923Mhz) not 923-925Mhz.

And check how frequent your device sends uplinks.

All configurations are correct. The uplinks are expected to be received every 100 seconds. Nevermind, I will be visiting the site soon to see if there’s something wrong with the devices (this is what I am suspecting) and will give an update here. Thanks.

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An update from my end:

  • The devices’ battery were depleted
  • Hence, that’s the reason why there were no uplinks received by the gateway