Gateway Isolation

Hi all

Is there a way to isolate gateways on same loraserver instance by organization ?
If not, what would be best approach to achieve this configuration ?


This is currently not supported.

Thank you @brocaar
What would you suggest to achieve this ?

In the current situation, it would require you to setup multiple LoRa Server instances, each connected to a sub-set of your gateways.

Yes. I did imagine this solution.
Is it completely outside the current roadmap or you guys have this on pipeline for nexts versions ?

The thing is it doesn’t really make much sense to do this.

If the gateways are in physically distinct locations, there will be no cross traffic, so it doesn’t really matter to anything but who gets to access the gateway administration pages.

While if their territory overlaps then sharing raw lora packets is actually a good thing, as both systems get more redundancy. And on the receive side it doesn’t cost anything, because the gateway is still going to receive and report the packets, only the server is able to figure out they don’t belong to a given network and drop them. Nor does it leak anything that a black van with an antenna couldn’t pick up independently.

A possible feature I’ve wondered about a little bit would be to support “receive only” gateways that are ineligible for transmission assignments. In a sharing scheme, there could be some validity to saying that you can “borrow” gateway receive capacity, but you can only transmit through those gateways assigned to a network - even in a situation where the strongest gateways (or even only receiving one) might be somebody else’s, you would not be allowed to use that for a downlink reply.

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Hi @cstratton

Thank you for sharing your point of view in this subject.
I will think about use cases and try to fit it like you said.

Probably is a misconception from my side as I still trying to have a deeper view of the infra and also the different use cases fitting the same infra.

Thank you again