Gateway keep alive / stat_interval

Hello Orne,
I’m using Kerlink gateway with Semtech Packet Forwarder and Lora Gateway Bridge insatlled on it.

Every works fine but the server doesn’t receive the Gateway Stats even if the local_conf.json configuration file contains the correct setting for “stat_interval”

This could be not important for my project, but I’d like to have a keep alive for the gateway to let me know it is off-lie for some reason.
This because during some test I became crazy because the server was correctly working but I was unable to reach the nodes because the gateway reset and the packet forwarder didn’t restart.

Is that a feature you’ll be interested to work on or should I manage it by my-self?


That is odd. I’ve seen the stats working with Kerlink gateways. Did you try subscribing yourself using an MQTT client to the gateway/+/stats MQTT topic?

Did you also check the LoRa Gateway Bridge logs? Any hint about stats there?

Yes I’ve also used Mqttfx but nothing is sent.
I’ve checked the Lora Gateway Bridge log and there is only the keep alive trnsmission between the packet forwarder and the bridge, not stat.
To be honest I don’t know the version of packet forwarder is installedbut I guess the “sending stat” feature is provided by the first version of packet forwarder.
I can even download the sources and build by myself, but the point I’m interested in is to have a notification of gateway disconnection.
Reading more deeeply MQTT I discover that the broker itself can manage such feature, so I’l try to work in this direction.

Resolved by updating the to the latest packet forwrder