Gateway Kerlink offline but I receive the packets

Good morning everyone,
a bit of a strange situation.
I have a gateway connected and I regularly receive device up packets, on the mqtt queue I see events transit such as:
{“gatewayId”:“7276ff002e0902f7”, “state”:“ONLINE”}
{“gatewayId”:“7276ff002e0902f7”, “time”:“2023-10-24T15:11:45Z”, …}
but from the interface I always see the gateway offline, any suggestions?

Kerlink version 5.72
Chirpstack last version
Chirpstack Gateway bridge last version

Configuration “Option 1” kerlink native
Configuration how documentation:

Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance

I understand the problem.
Kerlink firmware 5.72 automatically set heart rate to 60 sec. and stats to 300 sec.

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