Gateway Last Seen Offline

Can anyone help why some gateways are seen offline when they are communicating (can see lorawan frames). The gateways “last see” keep fluctuating.

The last seen is driven by the stats messages sent by the gateway and the expected stats interval configured in ChirpStack. This is the reason why you still might see LoRaWAN frames but the gateway seems offline.


I have a similar issue, not sure if its the same cause? I have set up Ubuntu install of Chirpstack V4 with all components on the same server connected to two Milesight gateways. One of the gateways (Milesight UG63) shows as offline in the UI but everything seems to be working fine. I can see loRaWAN frames in Chirpstack and also if I log in to the gateway I can see traffic being forwarded via Semtech packet forwarder. At the moment last seen date is 4 days ago! So my question is how do you check the config for the stats messages? Can you give me a few more pointers on where to look? For example on the gateway Semtech config there are some advanced settings relating to Beacon, is that the relevant here?