Gateway Metadata not transmitted via MQTT and POST

Hi All,

i am using node-red to manipulate the payload i receive from the LoraServers.
When i look at the Data that i receive via the MQTT node i dont get all the Metadata i need.
Is there a way to send all the Metadata over MQTT, i am missing message type, rssi, and timestamp.
“deviceName”:“Gateway Test”,
“deviceProfileName”:“Class A Standard”,

i figured out, that i can change the application toml to json and receive more information. Still the object rxinfo is empty.
Do you know, why Gateway metadata is not transmitted?

Thank you

Within the application server, go to service profile, check that “Add gateway meta-data” is checked?

Thank you exactly what I was looking for.
Is it possible to transmit a tag with the gateway data.
For example I want to give the gateways tags like manufacturer etc.