Gateway Metadata on OpenWrt

Greetings ChirpStack team,

have a question about ChirpStack Gateway OS.

I am running Chirpstack v4.3.2.
On Gateway side I have RPI CM4 running ChirpStack Gateway OS. I was surprised by the simplicity and functionality of the GW GUI configurator. Thing just works right out of the box.

I have configured GW to connect with the server over MQTT. It works just fine. Now I want to send some metadata of the gateway together with the standard stats. As I understand it should be done via chirpstack-mqtt-forwarder.toml config file

However, on the OpenWrt I see only this file that looks similar in /etc/config - chirpstack-mqtt-forwarder and the contents are different as well


perhaps I am looking in wrong place?


i have the same problem. Did you find any solution?

unfortunately not yet

Probably it would be better to integrate this into the web-interface. The generated configuration changes are stored under /var/etc/chirpstack-mqtt-forwarder, however the content in this folder is re-generated on each restart of the service thus your changes will be immediately overwritten…

Hi Brocaar,

If I understood correctly, currently this feature is not available for ChirpStack Gateway OS (since the config changes are not persistent)?

If that can be considered as future roadmap candidate that would be super good.