Hello guys and first of all thank you because if I have come to this point have been for your post.

In my current war I find a Multitech MTCDTIP-LEU1-A70L-868 to which has been installed the gateway-bridge.2.7 version, and configured the lora_pkt_fw that comes in the /opt/lora directory below I show you both processes working.

The communication between these is correct, so I discard this is my problem.

In the LIVE-LORAWAN section of my Gateway I only see uplink messages, no sign of downlinks.

I can observe that to the mosquitto if publications arrive even if they are only uplink or this is what shows me the log of the image but no trace of any message referring to the address mac or gateway_id of the device in the docker logs of the image app-server.

Any idea on how to approach the problem? All necessary configuration will be provided, I feel novice and ask for guidance since I have consulted and configured everything that has been within my reach.

What are you expecting would cause downlinks to happen?

  • Are you sending application downlink requests to the server?
  • Are your using OTAA?
  • Are you using ADR?

Normally LoRaWan has a very low ratio of downlinks to uplinks

Also note that the log message you quoted above is a status message from a gateway, not a received packet message. Though you do show an odd received packet in your screen shot.

Are you sure your node is correctly configured for use on a LoRaWan network for the same LoRaWan version the server is configured to expect?

The problem has already been solved, thank you very much for the interest now in one of the multitech I’m configuring I find a 0x509 error: ERRO[0372] mqtt: connection error error=“Network Error : x509: certificate has expired or is not yet valid” when starting my router gateway-bridge, a problem that according to my research is related to the CA certificate.pem of the mqtt, although I have checked this one and it is correct and the same as the other two configured and functional multitech. Does anyone know what the reason may be?

Hii, @cris

we are trying to sending proprietary frame to server but unfortunately we are getting invalid fcnt or MIC if we are sending Unconfirmed or Confirmed frame to server it will working fine

can you please help me
Thank you

Why do you think LoRaServer should be able to handle your proprietary frame? How would it even know how to interpret, validate, or act on it?

“When an end-device or a Network Server receives an unknown proprietary message, it SHALL silently drop it.”

Why is your frame proprietary anyway? It would make more sense to have a proprietary organization of the payload bytes within a standard unconfirmed frame.

If you really want to use proprietary frames, you’ll have to create some sort of server that understands them.

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