Gateway never seen but appears on the Gateway Bridge Log

Hi everyone !

I have setup a ChirpStack Network Server on a raspberry pi3.
Now, I’m trying to connect a Stmicro Gateway (using Semtech UDP).
On the Gateway UI my gateway is “Never Seen”, but on the gateway bridge log, messages appears.

My gateway ID is the same on the ChirpStack UI and on the config file of the gateway itself.
Do you have an idea ?

Thanks a lot for your help.


check the date/time in the gateway.

I can only change the NTP server (what I have done) but the problem still the same
Thank you for your help


I have the similar problem with cloudGate, but its all right
see CloudGate lora config

In lora app server web interface i see that I receive the data

Wish it can help you.


Thank you for your help.
Indeed I’ve also receive some data in the device section :smiley:

Have a good day