Gateway Not Able To Connect

Hi Team,

I have configured a setup for Lora Server and Lora-app-server.
Lora App server running on http://<my_ip>:8080. I configured Organisation-Applications-Devices and Gateway with Lora Network localhost:8000 but Gateway not getting up. Even not able to configure geo location inside gateway configuration.

Gateway looking like invalid last seen.

Please check the attachment for this issue.


can you be a bit more detailed?
lora-app-server and lora-server is running on the same machine? where is the lora gatway-bridge and the mqtt broker running?

can you see anything on the mqtt? maybe on the topic of your gateway?

Yes-“lora-app-server and lora-server is running on the same machine”.
Everything running on ubuntu machine .
But mosquitto_pub not publishing the message
e.g. mosquitto_pub -t “message1” -m “LoraServer” -u “loraserver_gw” -P “loraserver_gw”
mosquitto_sub -t “message1” -u “loraserver_gw” -P “loraserver_gw”

Do u think that’s a reason for Gateway connectivity?