Gateway OS-- Data not reaching the Device tab

I have setup gateway OS on R-Pi 3 by following instructions from:
I have installed OS full image and set up the Chirpstack for the RAK2245 gateway with the required device profiles and applications.
While trying to implement LoRaWAN communication, I am only able to see data on the Live LoRaWAN frames under the gateway section.
Data is not showing on the actual device tab under the application.
Can anyone help sort this out? I feel exhausted trying to change the packet forwarder (currently it is Concentratord) as the gateway is not accepting any commands to install the package.

There is nothing wrong with the packet-forwarder when data appears in the gateway tab. The difference is that the gateway page shows all data that is received where the device page only shows data that was authenticated against the device. In most cases it means that the keys haven’t been setup correctly and the device is unable to join.