Gateway OS forwarding to TTN


I’m running the newest Gateway OS running on an IMST Lite Gateway.
I’d like to forward packages to TTN.

I should be able to do that with the chirpstack-packet-multiplexer, which should be part of chirpstack.

Just that I can’t find the multiplexer on the Pi Gateway OS.

What am I missing?

There is a not-yet documented feature in the latest GW OS, called ChirpStack UDP Bridge. It implements the Semtech UDP protocol and it could be used to forward data to TTN. You can run it next to the ChirpStack Gateway Bridge:

  • Configuration: /etc/chirpstack-udp-bridge/chirpstack-udp-bridge.toml
  • To start /etc/init.d/chirpstack-udp-bridge start

(it does not start automatically on boot)

Thanks brocaar,

tried it out, but packages did not show up in TTN (V2) .
The IMST Lora Lite gateway did receive packages, they were shown in gateway package view.
I tried various names for TTN server, none worked.

Tried with and without gateway-bridge, restarted network-server, but no luck.

(the red lines have no meaning)

Did you confirm that the ChirpStack UDP Bridge was running? You can see this in the /var/log/messages file.

I just revisited this.
Updated Pi3 today with newest full swu.

Updated /etc/chirpstack-udp-bridge/chirpstack-udp-bridge.toml to point to correct server server=""

Had to sudo the command: /etc/init.d/chirpstack-udp-bridge start

Success! The Chirpstack Gateway now shows up active in TTN V2

Thanks !!!

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What is the correct syntax for forwarding data to two servers at the same time?
In my case, I want to forward data to my local network server (localhost:1700) and TTN. Every time I uncomment two server = 'somehost:17xx' lines at the same time, the UDP bridge stops working.

Thank you!

The ChirpStack UDP Bridge only forwards to a single server. However, You could start it multiple times using different config files.

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Thanks for your response!
After I posted my question, I kept trying to figure out how to repeat the section, as the original code says:

#Servers to forward the data to using UDP.
#This section can be repeated.

I replicated the whole section (server name + both keepalive parameters) and the bridge sent data to both servers. Anyway, running separated instances may be a better option for debugging.


Ah sorry, you are completely right, yes you can repeat that config section :slight_smile: