Gateway OS -- Future Outlook

Some of the Gateways which are supported by GW OS are already end-of-life.

So what is the future of Gateway OS?
Will it be supported for years to come?
If yes, what type/brand Gateway would be my best bet?

Could you clarify some? Note that the ChirpStack Gateway OS targets Raspberry Pi based gateways. The shields that the ChirpStack Gateway OS supports are nothing more than configuration profiles :slight_smile: This means that over time, you will see more supported shields.


Thanks brocaar

So I understand that Shields can be “modeled” in configuration profiles. Excellent !
Though it may be difficult to do for the uninitiated.

Regarding the EOL, there is a link which points to a different product (which made me wonder, and thus create this post):
RAK2246 / RAK2246G](
see page