Gateway-OS Image on RPi3 + RisingHF RHF0M301 IoT Discovery

I have tried both the base and full gateway-os for RPi on RisingHF RHF0M301 IoT Discovery.
I used “sudo gateway-config” to setup, but lora-sx1302-hal-packet-forwarder never starts.

I noticed that /opt/lora-sx1302-hal-packet-forwarder/ has GPIOs:

No help after changed to SX1302_RESET_PIN=7.


according to this,

V1.1 = pin 22, check the version of your board (RHF0M301)

It is expected that the sx1302 packet-forwarder never starts :slight_smile: The RixingHF IoT Discovery has a SX1301 based concentrator (which should start).

I’m planning to release a new release of the Gateway OS soon with several improvements so that you don’t see two packet-forwarders in the Monit list.