Gateway-OS restarts its services on second boot


I successfully deployed the gateway-os on IMST - iC880A but I am facing the following issues:

  1. Gateway-os does not restart all its services (including internet connection) till I boot it the second time.
  2. While receiving packets from the device, i am encountering two types of errors:

It would be great if anyone could help in figuring out the problem.

The first time you boot the Gateway OS, it runs a couple initialization tasks, e.g. initializing the database when you are using the full image. It might take some time before all components are properly started.

Thank you for your reply @brocaar.

I wanted to ask, that after the first boot if somehow a power cut happens, then it does not restart all its services i.e. PostgreSQL, network-server, application server, packet forwarder, Ethernet ; automatically after the power on.
It got stuck in an intermediate state where all of these services above were not available. Only some command line tools like busybox, udev etc. were available.

We had to restart it , for the services to show and become up & running.

How can we avoid restarting it?
If we can’t avoid, then how do we run the services from that intermediate state?

@brocaar, can you please tell me how do we unable ttyAMA0 or simply UART for GPS communication?

We are using iC880A-IMST Gateway.