Gateway recives a lot of JoinAccept messages and no JoinRequest

i have some Gateways and thay have problems acception Joins.
If i look at the Live Frames i get a lot of JoinAccept messages (but not only JoinAccept).
But no device is joining.

After Restarting the Gateway Bridge sometimes a Rejoin Happening.
I tryed different Gateway Bridge Versions and i use the Lora Packet Forwarder from the install guide for Multitech.
Can someone tell me what’s wrong?

Does the packet forwarder of your gateway match with the frequency you are using to? It seems that your device is trying to connect to your gateway but its having frequency issues

You have huge incoherency there. Your JoinAccept messages are showing up as “uplinks” which is strictly impossible in LoRaWAN. So you might want to open up one of those “JoinAccept” frame and look into the details. My guess is that this joinAccept is actually a random none LoRaWAN frame that your gateway is receiving and has nothing to do with the device of interest. The fact that you do not see any JoinRequest is also an indication that something is going wrong. I do not thing this has anything to do with the gateway bridge, but more about the device itself or a misalignment in the frequency plans of the device and the gateway.

Also check if the device is not disabled in the device configuration of the application server.

Hi yes the Packet forwader uses the right frquency. I also uninstalled it an installed a newer version of it with a new Globalconf. In the old config the feld “tx_notch_freq” was missing but i Thing it has no Impact on the gateway. I still have problems.

I have a lot of BAD_CRC messages. Any idea why i get CRC errors?

No i dont have any disabled devices.

On my test Gateway i tried runnig the SPI stress test from Multitech and it failed after 20 Cycles on level 4. Is this a Problem? Can i Change the Spi speed for the lora_Packet_forwarder as a test?

Any other ideas what i can do now? Thanks a lot for the Support!!!

Do you have a trusted LoRaWAN device ? if yes, i suggest you put that device close to the gateway (1m) and let the system run for a while logging the uplinks received. If you get CRC errors on those uplinks that will tell us for sure that the settings of the gateway are wrong. With the device 1m away the RSSI reported should be around -40dBm

Well, I had this “invalid MIC” problem when I was using the wrong JoinEUI (or the wrong AppKey, I cant remember). Check if your keys!