Gateway status icon on Gateways page

I you allow me i’d like to submit you a small idea for the web ui of the lora-app-server.

When on the Gateways page, we can see the list of gateways with, mac address, name and activity in the last 30 days.

To me, an additional column showing instantly if the gateway is online would be a lot more convenient.
It would allow to know instantly if every gateways are online, or if one or more is offline.
This would prevent from going on each gateway page to check the last seen…

On the Loriot UI, this is represented with an electrical plug turning red/green…
What do you say about this ?


Good day.
It would be fine to show GW status red/green icon near each GW in GW list page, not only marker color on the map page.


The forum is not a good place to request features. Please create a feature-request here so it stays on the list: