Gateway Tektelic Micro Lite

Hi all.
I’m facing a problem o make a node receive the JoinAccept from gateway.
I’m using Tektelic Micro Lite which manual I found at

There are two example for file LoRaWAN.json in New_Micro Lite Firmware and Config
Region EU868 and Region US915
I copied US915 example file and modified it to AU915.
I have already made the gateway connect to chirpstack server and it is working.
Endnode send JoinRequest.
Gateway sends JoinAccept
Endnode is not receiving/accepting the JoinAccept.

I have already tried to change RX window and also delete devnonce from database to avoid devnonce error.

For comparison I have another gateway which works fine everything (JoinRequest, JoinAccept and data up)
I didn’t find anything that explain the objects in LoRaWAN.json file.
“lora_multi” offset is where I set the channels
“lora_std” I don’t know what is it about.

I appreciate any help