Hello Dear People,

I’m wondering if anyone has long experience with this…

Have you used gateways with ONLY 4G LTE backhaul for longer periods?

Any experiences you would like to share?

Not that it matters, in my opinion, but we use Multitech and Kerlink gateways atm.

I have deployed MultiTech and Tektelic gateways exclusively with cellular backhaul for years. Even though most of the devices supported ethernet, getting wired access to work reliably was always a crapshoot due to clients’ network and/or firewalling.

The LTE latency was acceptable and posed no issues for network servers running in the same hemisphere. The only notable issue I recall was with a particular bad MVNO that got us kicked off of towers for being connected too long, even though our usage was low. Switching to a brand-name carrier’s M2M plans resolved it.

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Using a cellular-backhaul could introduce a bit more latency. Therefore you might want to increase the rx1_delay configuration in the region_XXXXX.toml config file from 1 to for example 3.

In the past 3 years, our LoRa irrigation products have been running stably in Southeast Asia, tropical fruit planting: Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia…

As shown in the picture, LoRa gateway are all based on 4G communication, the 4G backbone link itself is relatively stable, in addition to retaining sufficient phone bills, the Linux system needs to add a daemon - regularly detect and maintain the 4G link.