Gateways don't forward message to applications

Hi everyone, i’m building a lorawan for studying. Node is a arduino using MCCI LMIC library, gateway is a single channel gateway. The gateway recieved message (I see it in Live lorawan frames) but doesn’t forward to applications (device has status: never seen).
I registered my device using ABP. And Nwskey, Device address, Appskey were used correctly.
Live lorawan frames:

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Part of the problem here may be that your “node pretending to be a gateway” is making a very non-standard uplink report where it gives its best estimation of the measured transmit frequency, rather than the specification-dictated center frequency of a recognized channel.

That’s only one of many reasons why you should be using an actual gateway, and not such a kludge that is missing most of the hardware capabilities required to implement the gateway role in LoRaWAN.

Then there are also all the traditional possibilities such as mixups or mis-orderings of keys or devaddr.

If you’re willing to then re-generate the secrets that you’d share in doing so, you could take the complete raw packet as transmitted (either get it from the gateway logs or make the node print it out) and plug that into the online lorawan packet decoder and see if it validates or not.

Hey pal, it seems we have the same problem. I’m starting to think that our issue is the library from our gateway. I had the same problem on TTS and now Chirpstack


I have a similar problem. Sometimes the gateway receives the Lora packet but it is not forwarded to device data packets.

What Application Server version are you using? Recently I had some issues with “never seen” status messages both in my gateway and in my end device (Application Server v3.10 I think, I used to run it on GatewayOS). Try to check the live frames on the application page to see if you’re receiving frames instead of relying on the status message.

I checked, there is no message in device data

Thank for your help, i got it.

Hello! How did you solve it?

My problem was that the frequency in uplink report is non-standard and i changed it in my gateway.

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