Gateways map coverage

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do you know any good tool other than ttn mapper to map gateways coverage? ( I tried it, it shows me connected to my network server address, I leaved blank mqtt username and password, I don’t Know if it correct)
Sorry if this question is already in some previous topics, but I can’t find a solution so far.

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Forsk Atoll professional software for map and simulate the technology coverage.

Thank you. Maybe could be expensive in the first stage, anything else?

sure, this is professional radio planning coverage simulation and live measurement software. it is not cheap + vector maps with an accuracy of 5-15 m recomended.

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Hi Paolo,

One of a professional radio coverage planning tool what I prefer is this one:

this one has a very high accuracy in prediction and very easy to use.

Here you can even request a demo version to try the calculations:

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Here a doc of TTN with a free of charge tool:

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