Gateways offline

Hi everyone,
when network goes down gateways appear offline. After some days each gateway go online again, some gateways go online after some hours, for other gateways it takes days.
My question:
is there a change to see again online all the gateways after network restart?
When gateways are offline they can ping the host where is running the netwrok, because their internet connection is not lost: I have a script that reboot gateways when ping of the host is not reachable, but that is not about my question.
I’d like if there is a setup network side to make again online all the gateways, that is like a downlink command on each gateway or something else.
I’d like too if there is a different setup, gateway side, to run a kind of script that should ping the real down of chirpstack network ( not the host where chirpstack is running) so I can reboot automatically eack gateway when is offline let’s say for 5 minutes.

Thank you

I assume you are using the UDP Packet Forwarder. Chirpstack considers whether messages have appeared within the specified period of time (configured in the gateway’s profile, in Chirpstack). I believe Chirpstack considers the statistics message, in particular.

So if Chirpstack cannot see your gateway as being online, it means that the gateway has been unable to send messages regularly. If it has been sending statistics messages, perhaps the threshold is not a good fit?

If the gateway cannot send messages properly, have you tried upgrading the software, reaching out to the manufacturer for support or perhaps trying another packet forwarder like the Semtech BasicStation?

My configuration is the default one installed with docker.
Not sure what you mean, my fault, I try to explain better:
I see on mqtt that 6-7 times in 24 hours some published data on each gateway offline in the topic: eu868/gateway/gatewayId/state/conn.
For gateways that are online, topics are up to 5: the one above , two below:

  • eu868/gateway/gatewayId/event/stats

and occasionally some event/ack and command/down.

My first question is what is the topic above for the gateway offline (eu868/gateway/gatewayId/state/conn) ?
Is that the message that gateway try to send regularly?
Gateway profile you talk about is in the toml file, chirpstack gateway bridge.toml or chirpstack.toml?

Thank you

I think you are now referring to the Chirpstack Gateway Bridge. This component uses those MQTT topics. However, those messages need not come from the LoRa gateway.

The architecture is something like this, if you used the standard UDP Packet Forwarder/Semtech BasicStation:
Gateway (with the packet forwarder app) -> Chirpstack Gateway Bridge -> Chirpstack LNS

On the other hand, I suppose it is like this, if you used Chirpstack’s concentratord:
Gateway (with concentratord + gateway bridge) -> Chirpstack LNS

So, what are you using? If you are using concentratord: well, I don’t have experience with it.

The setup come with an nstance of the ChirpStack Gateway Bridge. It is configured to handle the Semtech UDP Packet Forwarder data (port 1700),

Thank you