Gatweay not configured warning message

I am trying to set up and recieve data from moats (devices) but on the lora-gateway-mac I receive this warning in the log (when I do sudo systemctl status lora-gateway-bridge)

level=warning msg="gateway: configuration was not applied, gateway is not configured for managed configuration mac=

The only other answer I can find for this is in this link

But this does not fix the issue.

The packet forwarder on the gateway is confiured to port 1700 and looks correct.

Has anyone any idea what is causing this and how to fix it?


In lora-app-server when I input the gateway I get this error, when I delete this it goes away (but iv no gatway. I thin it may be the gateway ID.

In gateway, the ID is: fcc23dFFFE0a9473
On router the MAC is: FC:C2:3D:0A:94

The gateway MAC is taken from the global_conf.json fcc23dFFFE0a9473

Here are the settings in the global_conf.json file where I get the ID from.
“gateway_conf”: {
“gateway_ID”: “fcc23dFFFE0a9473”,
/* change with default server address/ports, or overwrite in local_conf.json /
“server_address”: “”,
“serv_port_up”: 1700,
“serv_port_down”: 1700,
adjust the following parameters for your network /
“keepalive_interval”: 10,
“stat_interval”: 30,
“push_timeout_ms”: 100,
forward only valid packets */
“forward_crc_valid”: true,
“forward_crc_error”: false,
“forward_crc_disabled”: false

I’m well and truly stumped. Any help?

I noticed the same recently so you are not the only one. It doesn’t seem to be affecting my gateways. I am starting to look deeper and will let you know what I find.

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It is because you have setup a gateway-profile which causes LoRa Server to push gateway configuration to the gateway (LoRa Gateway Bridge). However, you did not configure this section in the lora-gateway-bridge.toml configuration, thus LoRa Gateway Bridge does not know which packet-forwarder file to update and how to restart it.

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Thanks @brocaar for the clarification.

I’ve reviewed the .toml file and can see I have not set the MAC address for an update, so I understand the warning message. However I’m not sure where in the LoraServer I have set the Gateway-Profile which causes LoraServer to push gateway configuration.

Would you be able to point me to the LoraServer page that I can deactivate this feature.

Regards, Tony

You can clear the gateway-profile in the LoRa App Server web-interface on the gateway page when you’re not using this feature.

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Thank @brocaar, did not realise the “gateway-profile” is optional and for remote updating. I had wrongly assumed this was mandatory and used by the Server to know which channel to use when transmitting downlink messages. Oh, this is a nice feature.