GCP Setup Issue - Gateway Error

Hi, I am trying to install Chripstack app & network server on gcp. I currently also have the Gateway bridge hosted on gcp too in the same project but on a different network. I get a few gateway responses on the network server then a pause then an error occurs. I can’t access the application server on my external ip address with port on the end. Please see attached images for the logs.

Here is the application server logs:

In the first log you can see that the Network Server can’t connect to Redis (connection timed out).

Hi Brocaar, thank you for your response.

I can see that it has timed out but all the settings are correct. I have used the external IP address of the redis database and followed the guide 3 or 4 times starting from scratch each time. I have all the required software installed. Do I need to unblock the redis port in my firewall settings?

I look forward to your response!


I managed to get it to not say connection timed out but now it just says the other error of “get gateway error object does not exist” but every now and then a successful event from the gateway comes through as you can see from the original images. Still can’t access the web interface.