Generated global token returning error in API

From the Application Server Web UI’s “Global API keys” section, I’ve generated token for making API request.

Added this token to header “Grpc-Metadata-Authorization” of the request URL.

Getting error below while consuming “/api/devices” service method. Searched the Application Server Source code but couldn’t find this message there. Any idea about the reason of this message? Details about the request are given below.

Using Chirpstack Application Server v.3.11.0

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Request URL

Response Body
“error”: “subject must be user”,
“code”: 2,
“message”: “subject must be user”,
“details”: []

Response Code

you have not specified the applicationID in your request

Thank you @eugenev.

As far as I know, applicationID was not a required field while using /api/internal/login to get jwt token. Now with new Application Server release, this becomes a required field.

Now the challenge is searching a device when there is more than one application :slight_smile: