Geolocation (Heltec Lora ESP32)

Hey, I want to use my Lora ESP32 as a tracker for Geolocation. i’ve already installed gateway-bridge, application server, network server, geolocation server etc. by Docker Desktop. How do I have to start? I tried to activate my device but i failed. Do I need to activate a gateway first? Where do I find the “gateway ID”?

Thanks in advance!

you are need to read the main site docs in which described all deployment steps

in the gateway packet forwarder config file, or on the gateway box stick.

Thanks for your reply!
I’ve read the main site docs, but it didn’t help me. Is there maybe a step by step tutorial for noobs? I’m really new to this Lora topic, so I apologize for dumb questions… Where do I find the gateway packet forwarder config file?

depends on gateway you are using. refer to the gateway docs