Get device-session error: error="object does not exist"

Hi all,

We are having this problem with multiple devices. There was a time when we set the expected interval in seconds in which the device sends uplink messages to 15 minutes because our devices send uplinks every 15 minutes randomly.

Our gateway has a collision rate of around 20 percent of the total transmissions per day. I think this is the reason why some devices would be considered offline by Chirpstack at some point because some uplinks would not reach the server within the 15 minutes.

My question is does Chirpstack delete the session of the devices who it thinks are inactive (The devices that did not send any uplink within the 15 minutes that we set?)

There is a device session expiration, but it’s on the order of more than a month (if you haven’t changed it), so that’s probably not your problem:

If you’re being told the object does not exist, the ID you’re using could be wrong. Also, that’s a really high rate of failures and probably not something you want to leave long term.

How many devices are you using for the gateway?
Collision rate 20% seems very high.