Get sensor data from the REST API


We love your project, but we are trying to utilize the data that is produces. We have the LoRa network up and running, all thins is defines in the Loraserver (on-prem solution). We have verified that our Libelium sensor is sending data, both to the console and to the MQTT.

However, we want to experiment with HTTP features. How can we get the actual data out on a HTTP format? I cant find any good API calls to make. The closest I have come is: GET /api/devices/{devEUI}/frames, but this does not return the actual data?

To sum it up: What is the method to use, when I want to extract the actual the data that is produced from the snesor (temperature, humidity, pressure).

The actual goal is to present data from this network over in “” on-prem solution, but can’t seem to find any good resources on how to do this.

Thank you in advance

Great you like the project! There is no way to GET data from the API, al LoRa App Server does not store this data. Please see: