GetDownlinkTXPower does it return the ERP value?

Hi all,

Part 1:
Do I understand correctly that GetDownlinkTXPower refers to ERP power ?
So this means that this value is sent to the Packet Forwarder backend, in turn the backend forward in combination with the antenna used the gateway should meet the EIRP limit

E.g. For EU868, ERP is 14 dBm (except for one frequency) , then using the gateway with the combination of a 2dBi antenna we have an EIRP 16dBm ( limit in EU868 )

Am I correct on the above assumptions ?

In addition, the old semtech packet forwarder has by default antenna gain set to 0dBi (global.conf). If we would change this value to 2dBi, then this value would be subtracted from the value provided by chirpstack network server ( see High-gain antennas ) setting the hardware tx power to 12dBm. The end result for EIPR would be
12dBm(hardware tx power)+2dBi(antenna)-0(cable loss)=14dBm

So ideally, if we would want to get the max EIRP value we need to subtract 2db from the value we fill in antenna gain of the global.conf

Thank you for your help.