GetMetrics times out and I'm logged out

When I go to Gateways and click on my gateway, no info is shown and after a minute or so I’m logged out.

I used my browser’s developer tools and saw that the request to /api.GatewayService/GetMetrics is pending, and after a while it returns with 504.

I copied this request to Postman and found that it’s a POST sending a payload of AAAAADAKEDcyNzZmZjAwNDUwMTAyMTASDAjuoouaBhCAz4CQARoMCO68qZsGEIDPgJABIAE= . When I send the request from Postman I get the same result (pending, until it times out). However, I noticed that if I change the payload in any way I’ll get a 200 OK response.

Logs are not showing that request at all, as if the server wasn’t receiving it, when I send it with the payload that the ChirpStack UI uses. If I change the payload in Postman I get the 200 OK response and the logs show the request as processed:

e[2m2022-11-08T17:51:52.604803Ze[0m e[32m INFOe[0m e[1mgRPCe[0me[1m{e[0me[3murie[0me[2m=e[0m/api.GatewayService/GetMetricse[1m}e[0me[2m:e[0m e[2mchirpstack::apie[0me[2m:e[0m Finished processing request e[3mstatuse[0me[2m=e[0m"200" e[3mlatencye[0me[2m=e[0m138.171µs

Any idea what could be causing this behavior?

Please check if you have the latest version installed (v4.0.3). There was a bug in the metrics interval calculation which could cause this behavior in case of a DST to non-DST change).

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