Getting 2 downlink messages but sending only one by LoRa Server API

Dear all,

I’m using a setup of 5 gateways, and by using the LoRa Server API I’m sending one Downlink Message, but in LoRa APP server I’m getting two downlink messages,

1st : UnconfirmedDataDown on fport null?? whats a null port?
2nd: ConfirmedDataDown on fport 7, thats my assigned port!!!

Please help me on this!

Please consult the LoRaWAN specification. A frame without fPort (null) is valid. Probably that frame contains mac-commands in the fOpts field (under fhdr key), or it contains an acknowledgement.

Thanks @brocaar sir,
I found the problem, that was due to the high ADR bit that was sent from my device!