Getting a UnconfirmedDataUp message in Live LoRaWAN frame logs but no message in Live Event Log

Hi everyone!

I’m having some issues receiving messages from devices.

Since last upgrade to v2.0.0 in UI, I’m receiving messages from devices in the “Live LoRaWAN frame logs” tab, but no one in “Live Event Log” as previously i was received. In fact, at the “Live LoRaWAN frame logs” tab every message is tagged as UnconfirmedDataUp.

I tried to subscribe to the MQTT topic, and was not receiving any data.

Any ideas how this could be happened?

Thanks in advanced.

I’m receiving messages from devices in the “Live LoRaWAN frame logs” tab

At the gateway or device in the web-interface? Note that this tab on the gateway shows all data while the same tab on the device only shows “authenticated” data sent by your device.

Did you check the LoRa App Server log output if there are any errors?

Hello @brocaar,

Firstly, thank you very much for your answer.

I want to put in context. Our goal is to deploy LoRa Server docker images in a Kubernetes cluster; in order to do so, we deploy each docker image (lora-app-server, loraserver, redis and mosquitto) in one Pod. We have achieved this goal but we think is not working properly.

We have connected the Gateway and two devices. In the Gateway UI web we have this:

In the Device UI’s “LIVE LORA WAN FRAMES” web we have this:

In the Device UI’s “LIVE DEVICE DATA” web we have this (no data showed):

When in previous versions of LoRa App Server web UI, we got something similar like this:


The point is that we try to connect to the mosquitto topic and no data is received. Checking the logs that you mention (Google Kubernetes console) we got this from lora-app-server Pod:

And this from loraserver Pod:

We think that loraserver tried to connect to localhost:8001 but the app-server API is listening in appserver:8001 (we have used the toml files of your GitHub Docker proyect).

We’d be very grateful if you could help us.

Thank you very much in advance.

Kind regards.

You probably misconfigured this setting lora-app-server.toml:

  # Public ip:port of the application-server API.
  # This is used by LoRa Server to connect to LoRa App Server. When running
  # LoRa App Server on a different host than LoRa Server, make sure to set
  # this to the host:ip on which LoRa Server can reach LoRa App Server.
  # The port must be equal to the port configured by the 'bind' flag
  # above.

Please note that after changing this value, you need to restart LoRa App Server and save the network-server again in the web-interface (so that the routing-profile gets updated, see the routing_profile table in the LoRa Server database). You also might need to re-start your LoRa Server instance(s).

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Thanks a lot again @brocaar!!!

I changed what you said and everything works perfectly now.

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HI Brocaa,

I am having a similar problem as datalab, but with Chirpstack.
Some of the devices appear to be connected but when i press an uplink button on the device,
there is no data in the “Device Data” section of the device.
i am using the web interface of Chirpstack

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