Getting Complete Device Data from HTTP Request

I am trying to get my device data using the API endpoint GET /api/devices/{dev_eui} over HTTP. However, I am not receiving all of the information that is displayed on my Chirpstack Application. The application shows me some data, such as “txInfo” and “objectJSON”. However, this is the following device data that I receive from the API call:

Device Data: {
  device: {
    devEUI: '123456789',
    name: 'My Device Name',
    applicationID: '2',
    description: 'LoRaWAN End Device',
    deviceProfileID: 'xyz',
    skipFCntCheck: false,
    referenceAltitude: 0,
    variables: {},
    tags: {},
    isDisabled: false
  lastSeenAt: '2023-10-21T05:45:11.175155Z',
  deviceStatusBattery: 256,
  deviceStatusMargin: 256,
  location: null

After searching through the API endpoints, this one seems like it would be the one to return this information. How can I get the rest of the device data from this (or possibly another) API call?
Thank you in advance!

I solved this issue. I use the /events API endpoint from the documentation. Although this is a streaming service, I just set my server to subscribe to it and convert the string payload to a JSON.