Getting Device Address for ABP nodes in MQTT


We have nodes which are configured as ABP and they are connecting to the LoRaWAN network and sending packet data correctly.
Our application is connecting to the ChirpStack server via MQTT on a topic of;
So far all good, the problem is that in the MQTT message does not include the device address, it does include the Dev EUI in the topic and the body but not the device address.
Our application requires the device address.

Here is the MQTT data;
“applicationID”: “4”,
“applicationName”: “SmartTrap”,
“deviceName”: “Node1254”,
“devEUI”: “565b32a5d7941a11”,
“rxInfo”: [{
“gatewayID”: “b827ebfffe4ed748”,
“uplinkID”: “f6224bae-033f-498a-8a2b-881006a68ad3”,
“name”: “AVondale-RPI2”,
“rssi”: -78,
“loRaSNR”: 8.2,
“location”: {
“latitude”: 0,
“longitude”: 0,
“altitude”: 0
“txInfo”: {
“frequency”: 868500000,
“dr”: 2
“adr”: true,
“fCnt”: 3954,
“fPort”: 1,
“data”: “AxhYAxELAAsA”
Is it possible to get the device address?