Getting /healthz request on every 30s

I see the following logs on every 30s

INFO http{method=“GET” uri=/healthz version=HTTP/1.1}: chirpstack::api: Finished processing request status=“404” latency=42.964µs

I try to find the source of it. I’m in a docker compose context, I don’t have any liveness setting in my docker compose file.

  1. Do you see another reason for getting this ?
  2. if docker related, do we have an endpoint for docker in chirpstack ?

anyone have a proposal on this ?

Don’t know if it helps, but an external service is pinging the url /healthz (typical from a health check).

As this url does not exist, the api returns a 404 error.

Could be a “integrated feature” of your service provider, or an external service. You should probably see where the request comes from with a lower debug level.

I’ll check with debug level, I don’t see where it comes from, apprently not externanly as I don’t see nginx logs wit this path