Getting Usable Data into Postgres Integration table


I have implemented the Postgres Integration on the Lorix One LoraServer OS.

It all seems to work ok, with the exception of getting nothing in the payload, as far as I can tell?

I have setup a pulse counter sensor to send pulse count info back to the Lorix One.

After each pulse a message is received with some (as yet undecipherable bytes in the frmPayload object (see screen grab).

But in the Postgres DB, I get nothing useful at all.

The field consistently gets <memory at 0x108525d08> from the device, while the device_up.rx_info gets []

As far as I understand it, those fields should have my data?

What am I doing wrong?

Any assistance hugely welcome.


OK, it looks like I might have solved this, by asking the suppliers of the node for their opinions.

They sent me a Javascript codec which seems to have done the trick!

Those two fields in the database still have nothing useful in them, but the object field now has some understandable data.

Iā€™m not sure if there is some sort of error or misunderstanding in the settings (quite likely given my lack of experience), but at least I can move forward with what we are getting.

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