Google cloud iot core shutting down

Hi @brocaar ,
I have all my gateway deployed through gcp iot core.Since Google cloud iot core is shutting down on 16th Aug 2023 I want to know how to migrate my existing gateways from google cloud iot core . To which cloud I Should move to without much hassle? Is there any changes that I have to make in gateway_bridge.toml file? what would be the complete procedure?


I’m not @brocaar but this really depends on the system you want to move to and the security level you would like to a achieve.

Option 1 (@bconway would tell you: don’t do that :grin:)

Install a gateway_bridge instance on server side, open the UDP port 1700, and plug the gateways to it directly using Semtech Packet Forwarder.

In this case, you will “shortcut” the gateway bridge, so you don’t need to modify the toml file (you can even uninstall the bridge from the gateway).

Option 2: connect to any MQTT broker (with or without TLS, but second option is highly recommended for public facing instances).

You can use Mosquitto on server side (included in the docker compose of v4) or connect to a Thingsboard instance…

Certificates for TLS can be generated in the interface (v4).

In this case, you will have to change the configuration file of each gateway and restart the gateway bridge.

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I agree with @Jerome73. The integration with GCP IoT Core was once implemented since there was some interest in this, but after seeing it a few times being used in setups, I have also observed that it adds additional complexity. The same with Azure IoT Hub. In general, there is a higher latency between sending the message (from the GW) and receiving it by the NS because there are multiple components involved. In case of Azure IoT Hub, some clients were hit by downlink throttling and they were recommended by the Azure team to upgrade to a higher tier (and pay significantly more). Some of these clients moved away from Azure IoT Hub.

My personal recommendation would be setting up your own MQTT broker (with TLS). You already have the ChirpStack Gateway Bridge installed on your gateways, so this will only be a configuration change at the GW side. As an added bonus, you will keep @bconway happy :laughing:

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Thanks a lot… will there be any changes that I have to make on the network server configuration file? as I have used gcp pub sub… in my chirpstack-network-server.toml file… if not, then how we will use mqtt broker at gateway side with gcp pub sub?

Please take a look at the configuration examples in the documentation. The defaults (both GW Bridge + Network Server) are for a “vanilla” MQTT broker :slight_smile:

And then everybody wins! :tada::tada:

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