Google Cloud Platform integration

I’m excited to (finally) share that with the latest release (, LoRa Server now can be integrated with the Google Cloud Platform!

Cloud IoT Core

LoRa gateways are now able to communicate (using the LoRa Gateway Bridge) with the Cloud IoT Core service (using the MQTT bridge). This can be seen as an alternative to running your own MQTT broker (e.g. Mosquitto). Apart from scalability, this also makes it possible to manage the gateway authentication to the network using the web-based GCP Cloud IoT console.

Cloud Pub/Sub

LoRa Server is able to use Cloud Pub/Sub to communicate with your gateways (though the Cloud IoT Core) E.g.:


[LoRa Gateway Bridge] -- MQTT --> [Cloud IoT Core] --> Pub/Sub --> [LoRa Server]


[LoRa Server] --> Pub/Sub --> [Cloud Function] --> [Cloud IoT Core] -- MQTT --> [LoRa Gateway Bridge]

Also LoRa App Server is able to forward data to a Pub/Sub topic, as an alternative to a MQTT broker. This means that device data can directly be used with other GCP services.

Please see for a tutorial about how to get started with LoRa Server on the Google Cloud Platform (including using the hosted PostgreSQL and hosted Redis services).


This is great news. Integrations with 3rd party services are the kind of features that really favors adoption. Thanks a lot @brocaar.

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You are awesome @brocaar. Thank you.

Hi There,

Thanks for this GCP integration tutorials. However in terms of IoT end to end product this setup looks bit clumsy. Is there any way we can use GCP IoT core to handle LORWAN end device? end devices can be bound to gateway and then data can be published on pub/sub directly per device ? can that possible ?


`[LoRa Gateway Bridge] – MQTT --> [Cloud IoT Core] --> Pub/Sub --> [ cloud-SQL-Storage] --> [Web application deal with stored data]

I am trying to setup LORAWAN end device on google-cloud-iot under registry and devices which is bound to gateway.

LoRaWAN specifies security keys: NwkSKey, AppSKey and AppKey. All keys have a length of 128 bits. however google-cloud-iot requires the following keys,

Create a device in registry XXXXXXXX. Public key format RS256 ES256 RS256_X509 ES256_X509

has anyone used LORAWAN end device directly with google-cloud-iot ? How can we setup LORAWAN end device bound to Gateway supporting LORAWAN ? We are using LorixOne as Gateway.

your support much appreciated.

Regards Jayesh

I am just curious here. How much could expect the costs to be? Say for example with 1 gateway and like 22 devices mostly “pubbing” like 10 times a day.


Great News, However i was wondering if a user is hosting with google, on a managed cloud hosting provider, does that mean he can too bear the fruits of this integration?