Got RX data from gateway, nothing is showing on app-server side

Hi all,

Been having some trouble trying to make my chirpstack setup work properly.

I have a RAK 7243 Gateway with an older version of their custom OS setup, only running the gateway-bridge side of things. Then it connects to my Ubuntu PC running both network-server and application-server.

When my end-nodes are running I receive data from the gateway/gwMAC/rx topic, yet nothing is coming from application/+/device/+/rx.

The “Live Lorawan Frames” tabs of both gateway and device on app receive nothing as well.

My nodes are woking in LoRaWAN 1.0.3A class A, in the AU915-928 Bands
I checked every configuration was in order, so I made sure nothing as far as EUI’s and Keys was wrong. Probably I’m missing out on something…

Does anyone have any leads on what may be happening?

Thanks in advance, and cheers!


EDIT: I may have to add that my GW OS version is before LoRaServer became ChirpStack. Does this change anything? is it necessary for me to update my GW firmware?

I have this question, too. The “Live Lorawan Frames” can’t show uplink data. Could you give me some suggestions?