GPS support for RPI3+IC880a under GatewayOs Full


I m currently using a RPI3+Ic880a hat as a gateway, woirks fine under GatewayOS Full.
I would like to add a USB-serial GPS so that the gateway reports its location (gateway will turn mobile to track a HAO flight in 10 days).

I searched in docs, but found no clear answer about what config file should be modified and how.

Thx by advance for any help.

You would have to overwrite this setting in the IMST profile:

@brocaar , thanks for your answer.
Nevertheless, do you mean i have to recompile concentratord in order to have gps support ?

Currently, yes. An other option could be to disable it by default, but make it an option to enable it (and configure the tty_path). Please create a GitHub issue for this (or even better a pull-request :wink: ) at GitHub - brocaar/chirpstack-concentratord: Concentrator HAL daemon for LoRa gateways..