Grabbing data from ChirpStack into my application?


Complete newbie here, first time using LoRaWAN products.

I have ordered the RAK2245 Raspberry Pi hat.

On the Raspberry Pi I will deploy a ChirpStack server which will communicate with those two sensors and save the data from the sensors.

I was wondering if it is possible for my Python script to read the data of these two sensors from ChirpStack?

How exactly does ChirpStack save the data from the sensors? In a database? Or something else?

I would have tested it myself but unfortunately the RAK products are stuck in transit for more than 30 days now because of the lock down.

did you read this
before asking?

I will look into it, thank you.

There are many integrations available. We prefer the MQTT approach, as it aligns well with the other hardware ingest stacks used by our platform.