gRPC interface experts, very quick y/n question

I’m hoping someone can definitively answer a question regarding the gRPC interface. I have a c++ app running on Raspbian that I’d like to stream sensor packets into from ChirpStack (as well as send packets downstream occasionally). I’d like to use the gRPC api as it seems the lightest possible solution (vs MQTT or http). While I haven’t found anywhere that says it absolutely can’t be done it appears the only api interface to get the incoming packets from is StreamEventLogs, which actually is (according to the comments in the code) meant for debugging only. And I haven’t really found an api to send downlink packets. So my y/n question is can I do what I want via gRPC (send and receive packets)? If there’s someone with experience with the ChirpStack gRPC interface out there that knows one way or another I’d really appreciate you letting me know. Thanks!

— Related Background info —

I’m going to be connecting several different sensors from multiple vendors. For the most part all the processing of the sensor packets will be done on the Pi. Since that’s the case I assume I’ll need to at least run the Network and App Servers for (1) Join processing and (2) packet payload encryption and decryption. I’d like to eventually use the gRPC interface for adding sensors into ChirpStack as well. But this first part above is the more immediate concern I need to address for now…

Downlink: chirpstack-api/deviceQueue.proto at master · brocaar/chirpstack-api · GitHub

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Great, halfway there! Thanks for taking the time to respond. For anyone else with a similar question, in case the link changes in the future, the referenced code is -

rpc Enqueue(EnqueueDeviceQueueItemRequest) returns (EnqueueDeviceQueueItemResponse)

I’ll check this out this afternoon so thank you again…