GSM USB on raspberry not resetting during reboot?

Hi, I am running the RHF0M301 board on a raspberry running Chirpstack Gateway OS at a remote site. It uses a GSM dongle to send some data information to our cloud servers. For some reason the GSM dongle stopped working and no information was then sent to our servers.

For problem solving I have previously added a Raspian raspberry pi device with am OpenVPN connection and connected the two boxes with a single ethernetwire. I could remote log into that raspbian device over OpenVPN and with the help of arp-scan find the gateways random private ip-adress. ( 169.254.x.x ) and be able to log into it the gateway itself with ssh.

I could then rebooting the gateway with “sudo reboot”. My impression was that the GSM USB dongle was not reset during reboot of the gateway. If I reboot a ordinary raspberry running Raspbian, the USB dongle do get reset. I even think the power is removed from the USB and then re-applied again.

It was a lot of stuff happening, and I was doing it remotely, but my thinking is that the GSM USB dongle was not reset during a “sudo reboot”. Can anyone else confirm or deny this?